Multi-dimensional Emotional Intelligence Quotient (MEIQ - R7)

Are you assessing emotional intelligence of candidates when hiring? Are your managers emotionally smart? How about other employees? If the answer is "No" or "I don't know," you should reconsider!

The business case for developing emotional intelligence of manager, salespeople, customer service reps and other employees is strong, and the support for EQ's impact on the bottom line is growing.

Traditional types of intelligence, such as fluid and crystallized IQ, the g-factor, logic IQ, etc. fail to fully explain cognitive ability and predict performance outcomes (grades, job performance). Emotional intelligence is the "missing link", the reason why many well-educated, "classically" intelligent people are not as successful as one would expect.

Results from study after study are showing that emotional intelligence plays a major role in work performance, job satisfaction, stress management and one's capacity to learn. It also affects the likelihood of turnover, burnout and workplace conflicts. Inability to deal with one's emotions, and those of others, is the basis of many interpersonal difficulties at work and at home.

Emotional intelligence affects performance and turnover in any position, but it is paramount in any job that involves dealing with people - managerial roles, sales positions, customer service, marketing and team work, just to name a few. The MEIQ assessment can help you enhance the overall level of EQ in your organization by helping you select candidates with emotional smarts, or assisting you in training and development programs aimed at increasing emotional competencies of existing employees.

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